Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar Games

"Don't hurt them! I don't need anymore lawsuits!"

This is just one of the many phrases famous actress (and minor character) Lacey Jonas barks at you as you help her escape from the Paparazzi in Grand Theft Auto V. Apparently Lindsay Lohan identified with this character because she's suing Rockstar Games over her likeness.

As for direct visual likeness, there are two versions of splash art for Lacey Jonas. The first splash art (top left) doesn't have much resemblance to the hollywood starlet at all. In fact, I think it looks more like the famous poker player of almost the same name, Lacey Jones (pictured top right).

However a second splash of Lacey Jonas (bottom right) is a spitting image of Lohan herself. It's no news that characters in movies, games, and books are often inspired by celebrities.... but why Rockstar would so closely copy her persona AND image...well. As for the constitution of Lacey Jonas's character, it's quite obvious she is just a typification of many young hollywood starlets, not just of Lindsay Lohan.

Rockstar Games has yet to make any comments on the lawsuit, but I'm curious to see how this develops.