Best Teams in FIFA 14

So aside from the World Cup, I really don't watch soccer, but I sure do enjoy playing it on my Android! Maybe it's just the season that has me all excited or some of the crazy goals. Either way I'm ready to play!

Modojo is here with the top 5 teams that are guaranteed to give you the scoring advantage you need to win!

If any team has emerged as a surprise contender in this World Cup, it's Germany. The team doesn't always look championship caliber in its matches, but it's continued to be persistent against its opponents, thus landing a spot in the final eight. The team as a whole shows a great deal of balance, both in the real tournament and the game, with various ways to get to the goal and defensive tactics to keep the ball moving on the field. In the thick of things - and winning a championship - that's truly what counts.

A team that managed to show dominance since entering the World Cup, Colombia is easily one of those squads that could take the championship with flying colors. In its last games in the group stage, it managed to outscore teams 11-2. The squad, led by James Rodrigues, Jackson Martinez and Juan Cuadrado, had no problem hustling on the field and getting the ball into the net. They're also good on the defensive end as well, so make sure you give them a try in-game.

What France lacks in superstar skills, it makes up for consistency and energy. The team has done a great job of upsetting teams throughout the World Cup, making them a powerhouse player in EA's soccer sim. The team dominated the past couple of weeks, with Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena leading huge scoring drives, and Paul Pogba keeping up in midfield. They did struggle a bit against Nigeria for a while, but there's no question this team has heart.

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