Game of the Day: Checkers - Casual Style

Today's Game of the Day is that old-fashioned classic board game we all know and love: Checkers!

You all know the rules to Checkers: you can only move diagonally forwards, and if you are placed diagonally to an opponent's piece, you hop over it and claim it for yourself! Getting to the other side kings you, allowing you to move diagonally in all directions. However, this is the Casual version of checkers, so there's a bit of a twist! Unlike normal Checkers, you are never required the jump, which adds in some different strategies!

This definitive version of checkers has a little bit of something for everyone. Competitive? This game is fully loaded and ready for multiplayer! Game with people from all around the world to determine who is the King (or Queen!) of Checkers! Feeling a bit shy, or just want to take it easy? The single player option pits you against some eager bots who want to prove themselves as well. It's up to you!

Click here to play Checkers!