Top 5 moments from Evo 2013


Thousands flock to Las Vegas from around the world to see the likes of pro-players like Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong duke it out at Evo. The Evolution Championship Series, represents the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world.

Over the years, the tournament's players, spectators, and prize pool have grown to impressive numbers. Evo 2013 attracted a record breaking 3,538 competitors in 6,097 tournament entries.

That's...impressive. In preparation and excitement for Evo 2014, Shacknews flashbacks to 5 memorable moments from Evo 2013, and what these moments could mean for Evo 2014.

Xbox One gets BOOED

Microsoft didn't earn a whole lot of goodwill after last year's series of debacles surrounding the Xbox One. It had been a month since they reversed their controversial DRM stance, but the damage had been done and the capacity crowd at Evo was ready to make their displeasure heard.

Double Helix's Rich 'FiltieRich' Bantegui took the stage to demo Killer Instinct, but he only needed to set one foot on the stage to hear the smattering of boos from the crowd. Every mention of the SNES-revival and Microsoft's new console was drowned out by an increasingly hostile crowd. The presentation and subsequent demo weren't even given so much as a chance, leading to one of the most awkward moments in Evo's history.

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Injustice is a SUPER disappointment

Last year marked Injustice: Gods Among Us's debut on the Evo stage and it's largely remembered as a major disappointment. Unfortunately for Netherrealm, Injustice had been out for roughly three months at that point, meaning the developers were still working out some of the game's more egregious balance issues. The result? Heat vision, heat vision, and more heat vision!

Fireball spam is often hit-and-miss with crowds. Fans are divided on whether it's truly the cheapest tactic out there or whether it's a viable tactic. For example, Christopher Gonzalez (ChrisG) has made a career out of spamming fireballs in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and fans have grown to both hate and respect it. But the Superman heat vision spam was something that fans quickly realized was a broken aspect of Injustice and one that they hated to see as a deciding factor of its Grand Finals.

Can Injustice bounce back?

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