25 years later, Atari Lynx still a fave


When you think of old-school hand held video games, the first name that pops into your mind is Gameboy. If you said Tiger Electronics, you probably had a pretty awesome, battery-filled childhood. But, for most of the 90s and 00s, Nintendo dominated the handheld market.

It's not like Game Boy didn't have any competition. The Atari Lynx was released that same year and just the following year both the Sega Game Gear and Turbo Express from NEC came out. While most people only remember the Game Gear and it's horrible battery life, the Lynx was larger and the biggest battery vampire there was. The Turbo Express just sort of faded into the ether and we all know what happened to Sega. But what went wrong with the Lynx?

Most people don't remember it or ever knew it existed. It's like the Tito Jackson of handhelds but, for all of its obscurity, it had some real power behind it. In this in-depth article, USgamer explores the life and times of the Atari Lynx, from its hopeful beginnings to its untimely death.

See the beast in action in USG's video feature on the Greatest Games for the Atari Lynx right here: