Why you'll want GTA 5 again

The hype train for Grand Theft Auto 5 has finally returned to station and the game is now out in the wild, available to everyone. GTA 5 is an amazing game on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Actually it is the highest grossing game of all time. Now, Rockstar Games will bring its triumphant 2013 hit to the next generation, and PC, this fall (think of all the great mods!!!).

So, is it worth picking up again? Absolutely! With improved Grand Theft Auto Online performance, possible gameplay additions, and superior graphics, we know its going to be awesome!

Just look at this side by side comparison. It amazes me everytime.

If that didn't convince you, Prima Games knows What's in Store for GTAV Next Gen, and has 5 reasons why they know you'll buy it again.