How to get rich quick in GTA 5

With this one simple cheat code, you will become virtually wealthy beyond your wildest dreams:


...oh wait... that's The Sims.

Unlike games of the past, most of today's games no longer make it easy to break the bank with simple input cheat codes. Many players submit and choose to earn make-believe moolah the old fashioned way. In The Sims that would mean working that job as a Pizza Delivery Guy until you finally had enough money for that in-ground swimming pool you had been saving for (so you can drown your Sims and their children to make a ghost house, obviously).

I think we can all agree here that some extra cash money makes for a better in-game experience. Lucky for us, the developers of Grand Theft Auto V have given us some smart ways we can earn big cash.

Prima Games reveals all the in-game secrets to fatten your wallet with this guide on How to Earn Lots of Money in Grand Theft Auto 5.

With all those pretty ladies in GTA you'll need to remember one thing: