Do 'Hot' People Make Better Employees? One Study Suggests 'Yes'

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It's already been proven that people who are attractive make more money. But now, a study by the University of Cincinnati indicates that people who are more attractive get sick less. While the assessment of more than 15,000 people between the ages of 24-35 was very subjective, there's evidence to support the 'hotter' you are, the healthier you are. To employers, that would translate into workers who take less sick time - making them a potentially better hire.
Being Attractive Is a State of Mind

While the definition of what makes a person attractive is subjective, there's one common trait that can consistently increase your chances of feeling attractive: confidence. Confidence is many things. Lots of traits provide an air of confidence such as being funny, smart, creative, responsible, etc. It's when we believe in ourselves and our abilities that we appear most confident - and that's universally attractive.

Work On Your Confidence & Watch Yourself Get Healthier

Becoming more confident does have some proven benefits on our brains. The study of Positive Psychology proves that the brain physically changes when we think more positively about ourselves and our situation. Studies show our mental state impacts health too. Thus, investing time, energy, and even money into becoming more confident can help our well-being. In short, confidence = attractiveness = healthier you.

5 Ways to Feel More Confident Fast
  1. Get a handle on your Life Balance Grid. When life feels out of whack, we don't feel good about ourselves. Taking an inventory of what areas of our lives need help can bring things into better balance.
  2. Invest in up-skilling. Learning new skills makes us feel good. Taking a class or certification that makes us more of a subject matter expert in our fields can greatly increase our confidence.
  3. Volunteer for leadership roles. It's scary, I know. But leading a project or a team can really help us build our skills and make us feel more confident around our peers. When we learn to lead, we can command respect.
  4. Give yourself a mini-makeover. It's not about being pretty or handsome. It's about taking care of ourselves by updating our professional looks as a way to show we respect ourselves. A new hairstyle or outfit can give us that boost of confidence need to smile more and engage better with people at work.
  5. Eat well. How we feel about ourselves is definitely impacted by what we put in our bodies. Foods that make us feel lousy hurt our confidence. Learning to eat well and wanting to put the right fuel in our bodies shows self-respect - a key ingredient to being confident.

Being Attractive to Employers Means Taking Ownership of Our Professional Happiness

The definition of attractive is:
We are all born with the ability to develop our capacity to delight, please, charm and allure. Yes, some people have more natural beauty. BUT, as we can see from the definition above, beauty and being attractive are two different things. When we realize our potential to increase our attractiveness to employers by building our confidence, the sky is the limit in what we can do in our careers. Besides being healthier and calling out sick less at work, we can also get excited about our future and build a career that is deeply satisfying. It's called taking ownership of your professional happiness.

Now, tell me what you are doing to take ownership of your professional happiness and building your confidence.

I'd love to hear in the comments below.
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