Quakecon 2014 promises a BIG payout

Competitive gaming is a growing phenomenon. With prize pools hitting the million dollar mark, pro-gaming is becoming a lucrative career path.

While most people involved in e-Sports see DOTA 2, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends as the only games with money behind them, there are others that pay out really well, and Quake is definitely one of them.

With QuakeCon right around the corner, Bethesda today announced its Quake Live tournaments with a pool that totals more than $40,000. The company boasts that makes this year's tournaments the largest pool in the history of the conference.

The tournament will support amateur and pro players alike who will compete in three main events, and Shacknewsfills us in on the tournament details, including game modes and rules.

Even though $40K may still be small compared to DOTA 2, we're still lining up for a piece!