Game of the Day: Slots Lounge 4th of July Update!

Slots Lounge's 4th of July Update is sure to draw in all you patriotic slots fans today!

Today's Game of the Day is Slots Lounge, brought to you by the fine folks over at Masque Publishing. Slots Lounge is a realistic multiplayer casino experience featuring a growing collection of casino-style slot machines, alongside updated classics from Masque's other hit games! The list of features that Slots Lounge brings to the table is truly impressive.

  • Leaderboards for each slot machine!

  • Immediate access to every game!

  • Build your bankroll with a variety of casino-style Bonus Games, Scatter Pays, Big Wins, and Jackpots!

  • Win more coins with free Scratch Tickets!

  • Increase your experience as you play to unlock high roller tables and slot machines with larger denominations!

And now Slots Lounge has added in an update in the form of Winning 4's, the patriotic spin on slots that's sure to bring out the American in you, available just for a limited time! It's the perfect

So what are you waiting for, Play Slots Lounge today!