3 Reasons I Love Mega Man 2

With 10 titles and over 29 million copies sold, the Mega Man series is Capcom's most profitable franchise. There are Mega Man fans far and wide and all of them have an opinion on which Mega Man rules them all.

If you were to ask me, I undoubtably believe it's Mega Man 2.

Jeremy Parish, Editor-in-Chief of USgamer and fellow Mega Man enthusiast, elaborates: "Few games hold up through the ages quite like Mega Man 2. With its spot-on controls and open-ended structure, it's simply a joy to play each and every time. And its visuals, while simple, exhibit tremendous style and artistry, which is one reason the game continues to inspire other creations even now."

He's right. Mega Man 2 has inspired developers, artists, and musicians alike -- The Protomen, anyone?! Here are my top three reasons why Mega Man 2 absolutely RULES!

1) The Music

The music in Mega Man 2 is often regarded as the best in the entire series. BECAUSE IT IS! You can't help but GET HYPE listening to this. Ready to defeat Dr. Wily's eight Robot Masters? YOU BET I AM.

2) The Style

Although it doesn't appear to look much different from the first in the series, Mega Man 2 is 100% better. Better details...more brilliant colors...just look at these side by side comparisons. They speak for themselves.

3) Timeless Gameplay

Even by today's standards, Mega Man 2 remains playable unlike some of its less-fortunate sequels (can we please forget Mega Man 3?). It has withstood the test of time with its versatile weapon options and open-ended level selection system, making for an almost-endlessly replayable action game.

If my reasons didn't convince you, I urge you to check out USgamer'slook back at Mega Man 2. You won't regret it!