Hearthstone beware, Magic 2015 is coming

Hearthstone is one of the more popular games to come out in recent months, with the World of Warcraft universe expanding successfully into a card-based game that is available for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. For those of you familiar with the genre, however, Magic the Gathering is still the old classic, and Magic 2015 is their next entry to try and compete with the Blizzard newbie.

Steve Watts from Shacknews got a chance to play the newest Magic game, and found that it has a very robust card system that can take on Hearthstone. In the interview, they discuss how much testing is going into Magic 2015 before its release later this year.

"We don't nerf cards," the Magic rep said. "We do more and better playtesting than just about anyone on the planet. A lot of those people are ex-pro players, people who are truly at the top of the game when it comes to finding the best cards and making the most of them. And they're the best people to look at a set and say, 'oh, this needs to cost 4 instead of 3 or it's going to break standard wide open.' So we do all that work up front, and we have the benefit of that in Duels of the Planeswalkers because we're drawing from the physical magic cards."

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