FIFA 15 looks AMAZING!

Every year FIFA players are promised better and higher powered graphics and this year is no different. As you'll see in the latest EA Sports trailer, FIFA 15 is graphically superior to FIFA 14 in every respect.

There are new design elements included that long-time FIFA players have been craving for awhile. Players now have life-like hair, they get dirtier over time, and they realistically breathe as they run up and down the field. Aside from the players, the environment has also been enhanced using prismatic lighting (believe us, it looks good) to more detailed sound effects and real-time weather.

Soccer fans can rejoice as it will release on September 23rd for pretty much every game console on the planet. In the meantime, you might as well practice up! Check out Prima GamesBeginner and Advanced Tips for FIFA 14, as well as a list of goal celebration combos you'll need to know to solidify your victory!