Apply This Simple Secret For A Happy And Successful Career And Life

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It may not sound like the ticket to a great life, but goal setting is the key to career success, as well as the path to creating a happy well-balanced life.

If you can get clear on what you want to achieve everything will flow from there. The contrary is also true. If you don't know where you are going then any road will get you there. Achieving the things you want in life begins with some high-level goal setting.

Stephen Covey had it right: "Begin with the end in mind."

Since it's not just about professional success, but life success, your goals need to reflect what you want to achieve to have a well-balanced fulfilling life.

How do you begin? Take a blank piece of paper and just start writing.
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What are your dreams?
  • What would make you happy?
  • When you are on your deathbed and reflect back on your life, what do you want it to have been about?

Just let it all flow. No judgments. Just keep writing. Stretch your thinking a bit. Don't be afraid to think big. You'll probably wind up with a long list.

To begin organizing your goals, start by picking categories. For example: Career & Financial, Health & Fitness, Happiness, etc. Pick whatever groups work for you.

Once you have your goals grouped by the categories you've selected, the next step is to prioritize them. Pick your top three goals in each category and rank them in priority order.

The goals that will have the biggest positive impact on your life should be the highest priority.

Now your destination is clear. The only remaining question is how are you going to get there.

You need an action plan.

For each of your top goals, make a list of the key steps you'll need to take to turn your goal into a reality. For example, if you had a goal of "Lose 20 Pounds," your action items might be: 1. Exercise 4 days a week, 2. Cut out sweets and junk food, 3. Track and manage your daily intake of calories.

Once you have your list of tasks for each goal, the next step is to prioritize them, just like you did for the goals. Same criteria – The task that will have the biggest impact on you achieving your goal get ranked higher. This then becomes your prioritized "To Do" list and the way you determine how you will spend your day.

If you can get the high priority tasks done for your high priority goals, you will achieve the things you've deemed most important leading to the success and happiness you aspire to. It's that simple.

Good luck and happy goal setting.
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