Weekly Roundup: Fighting Back Against Long-Term Unemployment

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Long-term unemployment is devastating, slowly crushing the job seeker on many levels. The physical, psychological and financial tolls are steep and dramatic. While the number of US long-term jobless has dropped from nearly 4.5 million a year ago to just over 3 million today, the impact on those not working is still frightening

A recent Gallup poll reveals that the unemployed are twice as likely to suffer from depression as those with full-time jobs. What's even scarier is the long-term unemployed (27 weeks or more) are three times as likely to "report signs of poor psychological well-being."

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Just as troubling are the health consequences. Another Gallup study shows that obesity is considerably higher among the long-term unemployed. Rates of high blood pressure and high cholesterol are nearly doubled. While the exact cause and effect relationships for these conditions aren't clear, it indicates that unemployment isn't good for your health.

gallup obesity pollSo how can you stay focused on finding a job during the slow, cruel days of summer? Everyone is on vacation and it seems the only one with a sense of urgency is the one looking for a job. It is highly unlikely you can put your search on hold until after Labor Day so let's turn to the experts and get Summer Survival Tips to keep your search on track and your attitude positive.

7 Ways to Stay Positive While Finding a Job
Another day, another listicle...zzzz. But WAIT, this incredible piece by Aaron Hurst drives deep and demonstrates how to find purpose and meaning in job search. It is less about doing and more about being. Be inspired. How can you turn a career transition "from a lowlight to a highlight?" Hurry over to LinkedIn now!

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Job-Search Inspiration, Motivation
We want to sprint, but all too often the quest for a paycheck becomes a marathon. Those last miles are the hardest and you need to keep your eyes on the finish line (even if you can't quite see it yet). The Albuquerque Journal offers some sage advice on staying motivated and moving forward. You can find them right here.

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Emotional Well-Being is Key for Positive Job Search
While the headline seems obvious, actually achieving it isn't quite so simple. We are all often our own worst enemies and this five-point strategy is all about staying on course by staying positive. Savor the fine words of wisdom from The Pocono Record by clicking now.

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5 Tips for Job Seekers to Stay Positive
"You're discouraged. You're overwhelmed. You're tired of looking for jobs." That might be one of the most perfect descriptions of unemployment. It's a mantra for the hopeless, but then Glassdoor blog rewards us with five mantras for the hopeful, the positive and the soon-to-be employed. Assume lotus position and read on, job seeker.

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23 Job Search Tips To Turn It Around
Now let's get meta and finish our roundup with a roundup. Drawing on three fantastic pieces all detailing ways to get your search back on track, Career Sherpa helps us scale the toughest, most grueling part of the job search mountain. Now you have 23 reasons to keep climbing and click here.

How are you keeping your summer job search on track? I want to know what works for you. Please share your thoughts and advice and comments below.
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