Greatest Hits: June 23 - 27

Jessica Hagy

Happy Friday! We had plenty of great stories for you this past week, from our customary news and features to a very special edition of Ask Jack, in which we answer the office bathroom question you've often wondered about, but were always been afraid to ask. We also ran a five-part feature on some of the top career coaches in the field, including AOL Jobs favorite Abby "Absolutely Abby" Kohut, who dispenses career advice as she treks around the country in an RV.

Lastly, we'd like to welcome new contributor Jessica Hagy, whose post on personal branding hits the sweet spot between inspirational advice and Venn diagrams.

Check out the top stories, and have a great weekend!
1. 5 Coaches/Consultants In 5 Days: A Recap Pitch
2. Admit It, You Actually Like Work Better Than Your Family
3. Sell Yourself Like Real Estate
4. Reddit: The Worst And Weirdest Reasons Not To Hire Someone
5. Study Asks, 'Is Your Job Meaningful?'
6. Ask Jack: Toilet Troubles, Workplace Gossip, And Job Of The Week
7. Hoax! Grandmother's Claim That KFC Kicked Out Her Scarred Granddaughter Reportedly Bogus
8. Can I Be Fired For Something My Spouse Did?
9. Hebron Brick Company: Technology Meets Tradition In North Dakota
10. The 20 Unhappiest Jobs In America

Also, take a look at some of our most-read posts from the archives:

1. 5 Tips to the Summer Job of Your Dreams
2. Does My Employer Have To Pay Earned Sick And Vacation Time When I Leave?
3. 7 God-Awful Ways to Survive on Minimum Wage
4. What's The Leading Pet Peeve In The Office? Noisy Co-Workers, Says Ask.Com
5. How to Get a Job Without a Bachelor's Degree
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