Cool Jobs: Want to Get Paid to Party?

Group of people in a nightclub partying and throwing confetti

Every Friday, we like to round up the most intriguing job listings posted to CareerBuilder in the past few days and put them in the spotlight. This week, we've got a salesperson for Scholastic book fairs (remember those?), a unique cooking job, and a (paid) internship that's perfect for anyone who's ever been accused of partying their way through college.

There's also a gig that might be interesting to anyone who's been following our seriesofposts on career coaches. While we like to think of Cool Jobs as our little curatorial effort, there's no replacement for an actual job coach when it comes to helping you find--and get--the jobs that are truly right for you. So give that a look, and also check out this rundown of our top stories from this past week.

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