8-bit Cuisine: The Sims-inspired pasta carbonara

Even though we love to play games, we also love to cook, so imagine our surprise when we found a set of videos that tapped into both passions at the same time! Chef Jen over at 8-bit Cuisine brought us a delicious chili dogs recipe (Sonic the Hedgehog's favorite dish), and now she's back with a dish from The Sims.

If you're familiar with The Sims, you know that you're able to buff up your character skills in a number of fields, and one of them is, of course, cooking. When you get your skills leveled up enough, you're able to make more intricate dishes, and Chef Jen has one of the more complex ones featured in this video.

Even though the food's name is a bit silly, the Goopy Carbonara dish is absolutely delicious and worth your time and effort. Check out the video and recipe below, and treat your family to a great video game inspired meal tonight!


You will need
Large pot
Frying pan/skillet
1 cup parmesan cheese
A handful chopped parsley
4 cloves of chopped garlic
2 eggs
1 lb pasta
2 tbsp olive oil
4oz pancetta

2-3 servings