Barbie's Adding Entrepreneur To Her Resume

Entrepreneur Barbie
Barbie's been a fashion designer, scientist, doctor, U.S. President, pilot, and lawyer and now she can add entrepreneur to her running list of professions. In her 55-year history, Barbie has held more than 55 careers. Can we say Renaissance woman?

Mattel will launch Entrepreneur Barbie this summer. The doll comes with a smartphone, tablet computer and will even have her own LinkedIn Profile to help her stay connected to her business colleagues...Skipper and Ken. It's clear that Barbie has taken Sheryl Sandberg's advice and is leaning in to her career a bit more in 2014.

Why did Mattel launch this career over another?

Barbie always looks for a sign of the times to release a new doll as a role model for young girls. They tracked the increase of female-owned businesses, which have far outpaced the growth of men's businesses. One in three businesses is owned by women. According to, 41% of women are the breadwinners for their family.

Yet, the conversation doesn't stop at Barbie's new resume.

Mattel is continuing the conversation by adding an online component that features real-life female entrepreneurs who are champions of their industry. The brand collaborates with "Chief Inspiration Officers" from the founders of Rent the Runway, One Kings Lane, Sugarfina, Girls Who Code, Genuine Insights, Girl Scout Cadette, Plum Ally and the TomKat Studio.

These real-life sources of female entrepreneurial success will offer their personalized career tips and tricks along with blog posts and activities and career-themed games.

"If girls are taught at a young age that entrepreneurship is a plausible and satisfying career path, perhaps that will encourage more female-owned businesses in the future," said Jenny Fliess, Rent The Runway co-founder.

The brand will also include a social media component which includes the hashtag #unapologetic. This is on par with Pantene's recent ad, 'Not sorry.' It's a growing trend that tells women to stop apologizing for their success and place in the workforce.

Mattel is doing their part to change the narrative of the women in the workplace conversation.

Barbie has gone a long way from her California blonde roots. Creating a toy girls can play with and in virtue "practice" future careers is something that can help transforms little girls' mindsets for the rest of their lives.
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