Reddit: The Worst and Weirdest Reasons Not To Hire Someone

Getty Images (composite: Mack Gelber)

If Facebook is the internet's town hall and Twitter is the diner where the locals go to gossip, then Reddit is the dilapidated, vaguely sinister bar across the street from the diner, full of broken-looking people who won't stop assaulting you with stories of cruelty and regret. Also, occasionally there are movie stars.

On Reddit, no question is too narrow to unleash a flood of hyper-personal, frequently surreal answers, and this one ("What's the worst/weirdest reason you didn't hire somebody?") is no different. Dozens of HR managers chimed in, painting a picture of a hiring process that's somewhere east of a David Lynch movie in terms of the brazen weirdness on display--as well as an applicant-glutted culture where managers will look for any excuse to thin the herd. Still, if you're looking for a compendium of information on how NOT to behave during the interview process, you could do worse than read over the stories here.

Screengrabs: Reddit
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