Grand Theft Auto 5 becomes a first-person shooter?

Grand Theft Auto 5 fans who have been looking for a mod to make the popular game a first-person shooter can thank modderXBLToothPik, who recently showed off some awesome programming skills on his Youtube channel.

In his mod, you're now able to get a different perspective on the goings-on in Los Santos with a brand-new first-person view. If you're familiar with the GTA series, you know it uses a third-person view on the action, but those of us who prefer FPS games like Call of Duty will love this mod.

Take a look at it in the following video...

There's no word on whether XBLToothPik will release the mod for PC gamers to apply to their copies of GTAV, but we're definitely hoping he does soon.

For more on the story, Shacknews has a different video plus some more details you may be interested in.