5 Career Coaches/Consultants in 5 Days: J.T. O'Donnell

Hiring a career coach/consultant is a very serious decision, and must be done with great research and thought. In the spirit of helping job seekers, I am presenting five coaches in five days who are all nationally known and widely respected in their fields; each will give their advice on hiring a coach/consultant, job searches, and more.

I signed up for the daily feed of J.T. O' Donnell's career advice that is on her Careerealism site. Her articles are about many relevant job search and career topics, like resumes, interviewing, personal branding, networking, and using LinkedIn. Unlike other advisors, O'Donnell is a true "field expert." She works with both individual clients and corporations, giving her access to emerging workforce trends. A graduate of Tufts University, she has 18-plus years of experience, managing, training and coaching people of all ages on a wide variety of career topics.​ I have gotten to know J.T., as we are fellow AOL Jobs contributors.
J.T. O' Donnell - New Hampshire - CEO, CAREEREALISM & CareerHMO

Coaches are like doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, etc. You should do your homework, get referrals, and check out each one personally. Even better if they offer some kind of guarantee of satisfaction so you feel safe in your investment. Good coaches know what they can and can't do for you and make sure they manage your expectations properly. (For more from JT, read 3 Things Bad Career Coaches Don't Want You to Know.)

Here is a sampling of J.T's recent posts on AOL Jobs:

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And a few of her upcoming webinars:

6/25: How To Deal With Difficult People In The Workplace (Register!)

7/16: At The Top: Growing From Employee To Leader (Register!)

7/30: How To Use LinkedIn To Get Discovered By Recruiters (Register!)

8/27: Building Relationships Necessary For Success & Happiness (Register!)

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