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WeedhireFounders David Bernstein and Vlad Stelmak
The legal marijuana industry is emerging as a powerful economic engine -- creating thousands of new jobs and inspiring a wave of entrepreneurship not seen in this country since the boom of the 1990s. Debra Brochardt of The reports that the cannabis industry may have already added over 175,000 jobs, and Colorado has added roughly 1,000 to 2,000 new jobs since recreational sales began on Jan. 1., according to the state's Marijuana Industry Group.

David Bernstein, a successful entrepreneur from the e-waste recycling business saw the need to create a national website to help companies find qualified workers to staff the explosive industry growth, so he started , a career website specifically targeting employment within the legal cannabis industry.

"Surrounding yourself with good people will ensure any business not only survives but thrives," he tells AOL Jobs.

Bernstein draws many parallels between the e-waste industry he helped build and what is happening in the emerging legal marijuana industry.

"The similarities between e-waste in the late '90s and legal cannabis today are significant," he says. "Both new industries were misunderstood, and required much education to the general public; both required standardized legislation to be put in place (e-waste is still largely state by state); and both had significant opportunities for job creation -- especially in their early stages."

To get an idea of how many jobs will be created as the hurdles of prohibition are crumbled, consider the scenario of just one dispensary.

For every retail store that's opened, there are dozens of new jobs created to support the need for: real estate, construction, lighting, security, hydroponics, legal, insurance, delivery, trimming, packaging, marketing, management, sales, and lab technicians. Now think of how that applies to other industries like edibles. For every edibles company that opens there are dozens of jobs created and for every technology delivery system like vaporizers, dozens of jobs are created. was established to provide a large number of job postings for cannabis-related employment nationwide, and aspires to be the dominant website with a mission "to help our clients hire the most qualified individuals and help those individuals find the best job opportunities in the legal cannabis industry."

"The fundamentals of starting and running a business are the same no matter what industry. At the center of it all are people." Bernstein adds. "Why wouldn't people jump to get into the sector?"
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