This Week's Greatest Hits (June 16 - June 20)

Dr. Dre
FlickrOne of our most popular stories concerned this man.

Before we start into our weekends, let's take a look back at some of the great stories we published this past week. From religion-based employment discrimination to advice for workers at Indian casinos, and beyond to job descriptions, office dating advice, and a final Father's Day tribute, we covered the full gamut. Take a look, and have a great weekend!

1. Want A Job Down South? Sorry, Not Jewish Enough
2. Here's Why You Should Never Say 'I'm Sorry' Again
3. Millennial 'Mad Men': The Future Of Advertising At Cannes
4. Beats Billionaire Dr. Dre Is A Really Good Tipper
5. Job Descriptions Decoded: Chipotle Restaurant Team Member Job
6. Ask Jack: Bug A Freelance Boss, Online Dating, Job Of The Week
7. Do I Have Workplace Rights If I Work In An Indian Casino?
8. Where Everybody Wants To Work
9. Apparently This Is How Much An Amazon Worker's Life Is Worth
10. ​How My Father Helped Build America
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