The Weekly Roundup: LinkedIn's New Killer App and Much More

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LinkedIn just dropped a powerful new app that all job seekers will want to download and explore immediately. On Thursday they released the LinkedIn Job Search app and from my initial test-drive it is a must-have tool for job seekers.

I've written before about how to conduct a job search directly from your mobile phone and LinkedIn's new app made that process even easier. With over 300 million users and more than 40 percent of them accessing the site via mobile devices, the company is doubling down on mobile with very specific and targeted apps.The new app expands and enhances the Jobs features from the main LinkedIn app. It allows you to search for jobs, drill down to get more information, and even apply right from your phone. You can get real-time notifications. Plus, all your activity is completely private and not shared with your network. The only drawback is it is currently only available for iPhone, but Android should be along soon. Check out all the details in the deck below.

LinkedIn is packed with new features and they seem to be adding great new tools all the time. Let's take a journey around the web and have a few of my favorite experts walk you through some great LinkedIn tools and tricks. Plus, they will show you the finer points of playing LinkedIn to win.
LinkedIn Who's Viewed Your Profile

Your Visibility On LinkedIn: What You Need To Know
One of the coolest new features on LinkedIn is the deep new Who's Viewed Your Profile data and analytics tools. You can quickly discover who's checking you out by location, title, industry and more. You can also dig into what keywords are most effective in generating views. The Career Sherpa dives into this, plus offers smart strategy on how to get more users looking at your status update. Check it out here.

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10 LinkedIn Status Updates For Job Seekers
One of the best ways to get noticed on LinkedIn is by posting relevant, compelling status updates on a regular basis. What to post? Once again Career Sherpa has tips and tactics to up your visibility and get the right people looking at your profile. Unleash the power by reading more here.

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Make the Most of Who's Viewing Your LinkedIn Profile with 'How You Rank'
Digging even deeper into Who's Viewed Your Profile data, LinkedIn recently launched the "How You Rank" tool. This is a great way to discover people similar to you who have higher visibility and learn from their profiles on how best to raise your visibility and attract recruiters. Read all about it at the LinkedIn Official Blog here.

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Do LinkedIn Endorsements Really Matter?
It's always slightly odd to have someone you don't know endorse you on LinkedIn for something you don't do. They can often seem so random, but maybe endorsements are a good thing. The Daily Muse not only strongly endorses endorsements, but also gives a strategy on how to make them work for you. Find out how by clicking right here.

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Update LinkedIn as Your Future Self
In the future you will have a better job. You can see it. You can feel it. However, your LinkedIn profile is stuck in today and that new opportunity isn't happening...yet. 50 Ways To Get A Job That Makes Good has the solution. Read about four ways to update your profile as your future self here.

Make the most out of LinkedIn. Take some time every day to explore. Subscribe to the company blog so you can read about new developments when they happen. Download the apps and let LinkedIn work for you. Please give me your thoughts and feedback in comments below.
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