Surprising Uses for Common Household Items -- Savings Experiment

Universal Uses For Household Products
Universal Uses For Household Products

Repurposing common household items is good for the environment and your budget. For instance, you can disinfect your wood cutting board by scrubbing it with some coarse salt and a sliced lemon. How simple is that? Here are a few more tricks to help you save.

Olive oil and coconut oil may be great for cooking, but it's their uses outside of the kitchen that will really help you stretch your dollar. With just a few drops, you can remove eye makeup, fix a stuck zipper, or silence squeaky hinges. You won't have to buy pricey makeup remover or greasy spray ever again.

And before you recycle those old newspapers, try crumpling them up and putting them in your travel bags for a few weeks to eliminate any stale, musty odors. This works for other smelly containers, too. Simply change out the paper every week or so until the odor disappears.

Lastly, Alka-Seltzer can do more than just relieve your heartburn. You can also use it to clean stubborn stains on your cookware. Simply soak your pots and pans in hot water, drop in five tablets, and after one hour any burnt-on food will come right off.

Put these tips to good use, and you'll be able to keep your home eco-friendly and budget-friendly, as well.


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