Catapult Your Career With 'Social Currency'

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In the movie, Yes Man, Jim Carrey plays a bank loan specialist who, after attending a self-help presentation, can't turn anyone down. As funny as the movie is, it also showcases a model for "social currency" that could help you catapult your career.

Watch the video below, then read on to learn how you can use social currency to your professional advantage!

Help Your Network & They'll Repay You

When we offer people help in making their dreams come true, something crazy happens: they return the favor - and then some!

While I'm not suggesting you start loaning money to everyone you know, I am telling you there's another kind of currency you can offer that will provide the same result: social currency.

What Is 'Social Currency,' You Ask?

Social currency is your network. All the people you know that you could introduce other people to. Think of it this way: When you hook up two like-minded professionals, you are providing a valuable service. And if these two individuals end up working together in some way, they'll always be grateful--and more importantly, remember the person that introduced them.

In this age of social media, there is a phrase that rings true: "Your network is your net worth." The more connections you can develop and nurture, the more opportunities you have to leverage social currency for your network members. And that leads to...

Good Things Come To Those That Job-It-Forward

Your network will repay you by doing the same for you. They know people you don't. They have social currency to spend on you. They'll be far more willing to do so if you lead the way. When you job-it-forward (help others in their careers proactively), you'll see an excellent return on the investment. Don't believe me? Why not try it here...

Test the Power of Social Currency with Online Networking (It's Time to Mingle!)

LinkedIn is the #1 professional networking tool right now. You can easily search your network, find two people you think should connect, and make it happen. But if you are shy, or don't feel confident in leveraging your social currency skills yet, you can always try an online networking event to build your skills.

For example, Mingle is a free weekly online networking event that lets you make more career friends on LinkedIn. You join the live event by geographic region and meet people who are looking to increase their social currency. Using short 10-minute private text chats, you get to know these like-minded professionals and then decide if you'd both like to exchange a connection on LinkedIn. Not only is it an efficient way to meet new contacts, it's also fun--and you can do it from the comfort of your couch!

Career Opportunities Come to Those That Network!

It's a fact that 80 percent of all hires got their jobs via networking. In fact, 40 percent-plus of people surveyed say their favorite job came from networking. If you want to find a job and increase your career happiness, expanding your network guarantees you'll improve your chances of finding the right opportunity. That's why we all must use social currency to catapult our careers.
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