​'For 2 Cents, I'd Blow This Joint!'

Exit Sign
Watch out, boss. With the economy steadily improving, your employees may be looking for the exits.

In a new survey of workers in 33 countries, 74 percent of Americans said they would switch jobs if they had a chance to make more money. Almost as many, 73 percent, said they would switch jobs for a career opportunity. A majority also would switch for a job that was a better fit for their educational backgrounds. And, more than half believe that workers can switch careers at any time.

The survey was conducted by Randstad, an international human resources services firm.

A total 24 percent of Americans said they were dissatisfied with their jobs, and another 43 percent said they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the status quo.

The answers by Americans were roughly in line with responses from workers in many western European countries and Canada, but workers in Belgium, Denmark and Luxembourg seem to be a much happier bunch. On the other hand, workers in countries including India, Argentina and Brazil indicate a marked desire to be elsewhere.

Based on survey results from this year and the previous four years, Randstad sets its Mobility Index at 109, its highest ever. That means that more employees believe they will be working for another employer within the next six months.

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