Veggies You Can Grow Anywhere -- Savings Experiment

Veggies You Can Grow Anywhere
Veggies You Can Grow Anywhere

The cost of fresh produce can add up quickly, but you can easily grow your own vegetables without spending a dime. Here's how to save some cash by growing your own greens right in your kitchen.

For example, green onions give an extra kick to almost any dish, but it's hard to use an entire bunch before they go bad. So the next time you use them in a meal, don't throw away those white ends.

Instead, stick them in a glass with an inch of water and set it by a window that gets lots of sunlight.
In just a day or two, you'll see those green shoots start to regrow. Within a week, they'll be back to their original size and ready for use!

It's that simple. This summer, try growing green onions for yourself. You'll have your own indoor garden and save some green on your grocery trips.