Millennial 'Mad Men': The Future Of Advertising At Cannes

<b class="credit">Theresa Howard</b>This is what a copywriter looks like in 2014.
Theresa HowardThis is what a copywriter looks like in 2014.

CANNES, France – Along the sun-drenched sidewalks where high-end retail names like Michael Kors and Christian Dior dot La Croisette, more than 12,000 ad people from around the world jockey for jobs, clients and awards as a generation gap emerges at the 62nd Annual Cannes Lions Festival.

As digital media takes over older traditional mediums and millennials become the next generation of creatives, veterans who aren't prepared may find themselves with a new boss that's half their age. The annual fete has seen a shift as brands like Tumblr, Instagram, Google and Facebook host some of the biggest events and take the stage.