Job Descriptions Decoded: Chipotle Restaurant Team Member Job

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Are you looking for a part-time job? When you apply online, you'll want to make every effort to be competitive, just as you would if applying for any full-time position. Chipotle Mexican Grill's job description is a perfect case study for how important it is to focus on the organization's culture when applying.

The spotlight on having fun, building a career, teamwork and customer service is key. Anyone who applies for this position will want to emphasize their background and work history as it relates to customer service and working effectively with a team. Even if those experiences were not specifically related to food preparation or restaurant work, feature them prominently, as the transferable skills will be very useful. As for the "fun" aspect of the job, keep this in mind when preparing your resume, too. It can't hurt to mention that you enjoyed your work and relished in collaborating with your team.

High standards for excellence and ability to follow policies and procedures are other sets of transferable skills you'll want to feature. Whether your background actually includes following food recipes or "recipes" related to other work environments, you can incorporate them into your resume and expect them to be valued when described based on the details the job description features.

Especially if you've never worked in food preparation, be sure to incorporate descriptions in your "Experience" section on your resume that indicate that you're a quick learner and easily pick up new skills. The description suggests the company is willing to teach you how to create their recipes, so don't be overly concerned if food preparation isn't in your background.

This is an invitation to indicate that you're known for always looking ahead and planning how you can be helpful in a work setting. Did you use down time in your last job to reorganize and revamp the company's filing system? If you're always helping out and contributing to the team, even when your own projects are finished, be sure to say so on your resume.

If you have experience actually dealing with food, of course you will want to feature it. However, if you do not, focus on the aspects you can support. When did you need to follow specific instructions to accomplish something, and you did so accurately? When and how did you anticipate problems and solve them before they caused trouble?

Keep in mind, customer service comes in all shapes and sizes. Look for the times when you provided exceptional service and feature them in your resume.

"Road maps" are another item you can broadly interpret. Use this language in your resume. For example, "Consistently and effectively followed road maps to complete all steps of _____ project on time and to customer's satisfaction."

This is another example of an extremely common job requirement. Everyone wants to hire someone who can work well with a team and pitch in as needed. Hopefully, you have several examples to feature on your resume. Plan to discuss this topic at an interview. Have a few stories to describe how your experience includes these qualifications.

Another common job requirement. Make sure you detail your strong communication skills in your application.

All of these are very easy to translate into any type of job description. Be sure you keep a check list of these skills so you don't forget to describe your abilities as they relate to each one of these key factors.

Keep in mind, even if you don't have food preparation experience, you can use "food preparation language," such as "menu" and "recipe" in your resume. Use these terms as they relate to how you followed instructions/a recipe/a menu. If you speak more than one relevant language, it will be helpful to list it, too.

Don't forget to list your education.

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