How to Land The Ultimate Summer Job If Your Name's Not Obama

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While most American teens spend their summers working at summer camps or at McDonald's, Malia Obama went to Hollywood. According to TheWrap, Obama scored a summer gig working on Steven Spielberg's new TV series called Extant starring Halle Berry.

Malia, an aspiring filmmaker, loved her time on the set according to a source at the taping. The source also quoted Obama, 15, as commenting on the experience, "My first time. This is a big deal!"

Malia spent a day working as a production assistant on the summer sci-fi series premiering on CBS. Malia helped out with computer shop alignments and even slated a take for a scene. There's no word yet if the First Daughter will spend more time on the Los Angeles set the rest of the summer. The White House declined to comment on Malia's summer job in Hollywood.

So you (or your child) want to follow in the First Daughter's footsteps and apply for a gig as a PA? Here's what they really have in store:

Upside- You learn to be a Jack of all trades on a Movie/TV set by helping support the film crew. Chances are you'll be assisting sound, lighting, camera, director, actors, writers, producers or even craft services. Other pluses include getting two free meals a day, wearing what you want and seeing an all-star celebrity in action. More importantly you figure out what department you want to specialize in. You also have the opportunity to make connections with film crew members in those areas.

Downside – Unfortunately the hours are long, don't expect health insurance and there's little job security since when the 3 month shoot is over you need to look for the next gig. You can also expect low wages, lots of travel and plan to work in all types of inclement weather. The show must go on.
What are some skills PA's need to succeed?– Flexible, punctual (time is money), adaptable, resourceful, professional (no selling actors' gossip or photos to TMZ).

Extant premiere's on CBS on July 9.

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