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Save by Growing Your Own Herbs
Save by Growing Your Own Herbs

Fresh herbs are a great addition to any meal, but often times you only use a small amount before the rest goes bad and has to be thrown away. These wasted herbs add up and can cost you anywhere from $50-$250 a year!

So stop throwing your money away. It's easy to grow herbs in your own home for cheap, no matter what the season. Let's start with garlic, one of the easiest aromatics to grow.

Simply take an existing clove with a little green sprout coming out of it and place it into a small jar with just enough water to cover the bottom of the clove. In a couple of days, you'll see roots start to grow, followed by sprouts. Once a sprout reaches about three inches in length, trim off the top third for use. These sprouts have a much milder flavor than garlic cloves, and go great in salads, pasta, or even just as a garnish.

Basil is another great herb, because you can regrow it for ever. Put a few clippings with four-inch stems into a glass of water and place the glass in a spot that gets direct sunlight. Once a root reaches about two inches long, transfer it to a pot with soil and soon you'll have an entire basil plant.

Similarly, you can regrow cilantro by placing cilantro stems into a glass of water. Once the roots get long enough, move them into a pot filled with soil. In a few weeks, new sprigs will sprout and quickly grow into a full cilantro plant.

One more tip: If you find your herbs are growing long stems but only have a few leaves, they're not getting enough sunlight. Try to keep them in a spot that gets at least six to eight hours of sun each day.

So, when it comes to fresh herbs, try growing a few at home. You'll be saving money and trips to the grocery store, as well.


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