Game of the Day: Steam Simon

Think you've got a great memory? Then get ready, get set....GEAR!

Today's Game of the Day is a steampunk-themed, sequence matching game. A wondrous, steampunk machine is placed before you, with four colors. Those colors will start to light up one after another in a randomized order. After that happens, you'll have to click on the same colors in the same order. If you get it right, the colors will light up again in the same order, but with a new color thrown in! Better get it right this time as well!

As you get better at the game, you start to unlock different robot parts, which you'll use to assemble your very own steampunk robot! Wow! This game is also made for HTML5, so if you want to take your steam tappin' fingers with you on the road, now you can!

So, it's time to put that memory to good use! Play Steam Simon today!