The Weekly Roundup: The Power of Your Professional Network

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You know what would be awesome? If I could sit on my couch eating bear claws and watching cartoons while the perfect job just knocked on my front door, that's what. Seriously, how great would that be? Cartoons, doughnuts, couch. Alas, the world is never going to beat down the door with job offers. So I must ignore the seductive lure of the snacks and warm beckoning glow of the television and go find opportunity. Therefore, I must network.

Your resume may be perfect, your LinkedIn profile exceptional, your business cards freshly printed, your social media presence amazing, your blog top-notch and your cover letters at the ready.

In real estate it is all about location, location, location. In job search it is network, network, network. The relationships you cultivate today will often be the keys to the job you find tomorrow.

The power of my network truly hit home this week at a conference where I spent four days catching up with countless friends, colleagues and acquaintances spanning the past two decades as well as forging dozens of new connections. Networking is a long game that requires hard work, persistence and a genuine interest in making connections that matter.

Let's find out what the experts have to say about cultivating a network that will bring you both personal and professional rewards.

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The Best Networking Tip
Tips are rarely complicated. The best tips are almost always simple, but also smart and effective. Master networker Amey Shivapurkar gives you one thing to do the first time you meet someone because "the hardest part of networking is the second meeting." But you will be ready because you can click here to read his article on Medium.
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6 Steps to Turn Strangers into Connections
Power connector Judy Robinett says, "You have a short window of time to connect with someone." How do you make the most of that time? Follow her six steps to make connections that will help you grow your career by heading immediately to Fast Company.

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The Top 2 Things You Must Do to Succeed at Networking
Networking that brings real results requires two big steps, preparation and follow-up. Yep, it's what you do before and after that really matters. Watch Dr. Ivan Misner of Business Networking to get all the details in the video below.

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A Guide to Networking for Those Who Hate Networking
Raise your hands if you hate networking. You are not alone. Many of us need a little extra help to get out there and shake hands. The Next Web reveals the science behind extroverts and introverts, plus they provide a few tricks for anyone who wants to meet new people with more confidence.

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Mingle – Make More Career Friends
So let's go back to the cartoons and doughnuts on the couch. What if you could meet new people from the comfort of your own home and not even have to get dressed up? Mingle provides a weekly online networking event that is free and a great way to make connections. Read the details below and maybe I will see you there Tuesday night.

Your professional network is critical to career success. Nurture it and it will grow. Please tell me your networking tactics in comments and make sure your get out there and meet some new people.
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