Game of the Day: Farmerama


Think you've got what it takes to run a farm? Then Farmerama is the game for you!

Today's Game of the Day is Farmerama, the latest and greatest farming simulator to date! In Farmerama, you play as, you guessed it, a new farmer who has just gotten his very own farm! You'll have to plow the land, plant seeds, and water your crops if you want to turn a profit. As you become more experienced, you unlock more crops that you can grow, and more farm animals you can breed! A persistent leveling mechanic keeps you engrossed in becoming a better farmer!

As you level up, you unlock more functions in the town next to your farm. You get access to the market, the Farmer's Society, and much more!

So grab your farming tools and head on down to the farm. Play Farmerama today!