E3 2014: Xbox focuses on games, games, games!

Master Chief in Halo 5
Master Chief in Halo 5

Xbox kicked off their E3 2014 press event in style with a gut-shaking gameplay demo of Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, a truly jaw-dropping next-gen version that, wouldn't you know, stars Kevin Spacey as the big baddie. In just five minutes, Microsoft made its E3 2014 statement: we are all about the games.

Over the next ninety-minute presentation, new gameplay demos and trailers of games like Assassin's Creed Unity, Halo: The Master Chief Collection (complete with a Halo 5 beta), and Crackdown presented a look at Xbox One as a pure games machine. Come to think of it, no one even mentioned Kinect or voice integration during the entire event. In a way, it was refreshing to see Microsoft candidly court the hardcore gamer with their new wares.

If you'd like a look at some of these bigger announcements, including a way to track your favorite Xbox Achievements, Sam and Andrew over at Shacknews have an on-location report for you to watch, and we'll have more from E3 2014 throughout the week!

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