Best Boss of the Week: Gift to Historic Gay Wedding Couple Goes Viral.

Courtesy Chris Graham
At AOL Jobs, we hear many stories about bad bosses and unhappy employees. So we are delighted when we hear about happy ones. Especially when the tale centers on a subject that typically draws headlines for controversial reasons.

Last Friday when a Federal Judge lifted the ban on same sex marriage in Wisconsin, celebrations -- and weddings -- sprung up throughout the state. But some saluted the day with more than cheers, especially a local pizzeria. Melissa Tashjian, the waitress who served the "historic" newlyweds, asked her boss whether the restaurant, Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe, would give the couple a free dessert. Her generous boss picked up the whole tab instead.

Christopher Graham, who married Andrew Cappelle at the Milwaukee County Courthouse last Friday, posted a picture of his receipt on the restaurant's Facebook page, which quickly went viral.

"They were just such a cute and happy couple," Tashjian told WTMJ-TV. "Their excitement was contagious. They told me how the ban was lifted, and they had just gotten married. They said they were the 12th same-sex couple to get married and make history."

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