Melissa McCarthy to the Rescue? What Fashion-Frustrated Professionals Really Want

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After the buzzworthiest fashion designers rejected actress Melissa McCarthy's request to design her 2012 Oscar dress, the Best Supporting Actress nominee eventually decided to take matters into her own talented hands. When McCarthy recently announced plans to launch her own clothing line, fashion-frustrated women responded with joy -- and relief.

Plus-size professional women are now begging the beloved actress, who once studied fashion design at Southern Illinois University, to rescue them from clothes that resemble "great grandma's table cloth, a flower garden, and F&*#ING stretch synthetic fabrics."

As one fan told AOL Jobs: "Designers need to get on board. The world has more size 14+ women in it than size two." Another said: "I love my job. I want to get ahead. Please help me look the part!"

What design advice would fashion-frustrated career women give Melissa? We asked plus size pioneer Chrystal Bougon to tap into her thriving "curvy" community. Many responded with humor, honesty, and smartly specific ideas for the beloved star's upcoming line:

Age-appropriate Styles

I don't want to look like an old lady or tent and I don't like cartoons on my shirts or a weird flower. I'm 22 years old I want to dress like 22 year olds not 98.

I want regular clothes, fashion industry. I don't want to look like I'm 90.

Please use patterns that do NOT look like it was my great grandma's table cloth or curtains from the 60's.

I'm in my 20's, I would like to be able to dress as such, just like my smaller friends.

Cute clothes for ALL ages! Even 80 year olds want attractive styles not boxes!

Patterns, Flowers and Stripes OH MY

Stop with the ugly patterns and designs. We deserve to look and feel just as confident as anyone else.

By the way if I want to look like a flower garden I will go lay in one!

STOP with the giant loud patterns!

Regular colors would be great. Not everyone looks awesome in mustard yellow.

Stop with the random ass embellishments please.

Plus size is not one size fits all

Remember we have TALL curvy women and short curvy.

Curvy girls come in all sizes, we need petite curvy and hip stylish clothes and bras that fit!

Please keep all shapes in mind...we will be grateful and buy your clothes!

Please do not assume all curvy women have big chests!

Longer cut jackets and sweaters!

Make the clothes in proportions that actually work. What I mean by that is not all curvies are 5' 10", so pant legs shouldn't be flared from the hip down.

Just because we're plus size doesn't mean our arms are longer than normal. I can't tel you how many tops I've had to shorten the sleeves on.

Just say no to ...

Professional wear that's completely shapeless and boxy. I know I am curvy but I should not have to wear tents when I testify in court!

I'm a VP at my company. I can afford to pay for quality clothes. But the only ones who seem interested in selling me anything are designing caftans and mu-mus.

(Business) Dresses that are too shiny, or too short.

I also don't want to pay twice the price my friends pay for the same item.

There are other fabrics besides rayon & polyester. Try some linens, cottons, satins. Please!!!!

But most of all, Melissa ....

I want reasonably priced trendy clothes that fit and make my curves go pow not oww.

Remember, I work. I represent my company. I have to look put together.

To be honest, I would like the same things smaller women can wear.

I promise you will make money!!!!!!!

We also want things that are affordable and durable!

When you're designing clothes and then using models in your fashion show to show off your designs how about you use curvy girls?

How about suit jackets that fit broad shoulders but are cut for women's bodies?

We hike, we swim, we paddleboard, we ski, so make gear we can actually use and feel comfortable in.

And finally:

We want exactly what other fashionable women want. Trendy clothing that fits well, and is sized for our bodies. We're no different than women in size 0-2-4!! We all want the same thing!

Note from the author: We've been amazed and encouraged by the comments in response to the article about Melissa McCarthy's rejection by the fashion designers. We invite you to add to the comments below -- or join the conversation going on here.
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