Game of the Day: Royal Envoy 2

Ever feel the call to settle a foreign land? Think that you've got what it takes to transform the wilderness into a hustling, bustling city? Then today's Game of the Day, Royal Envoy 2, is the game for you!

Royal Envoy 2 puts you in the role of a Royal city planner, sent to the land of Middleshire for renovation purposes! Middleshire used to be a beautiful land, filled with opportunity, but has been forgotten by the Royal Crown. Now, the Royals have sent you to this place to fix it up; noting you can't handle!

Gameplay consists of multiple levels, each one consisting of a small, undeveloped town filled with many plots of land. Each level has its own, unique challenges, and you must develop each town into a hustling, bustling little urban center to meet those challenges. On one level you'll need to collect a certain amount of gold for rent, so you must construct many cabins for people to move into and tax. On another level, a bridge has been destroyed, and you must harvest enough wood to rebuild it, so that you can develop the land on the other side!

It's up to you to rebuild Middleshire to its former glory, so Play Royal Envoy 2 today!

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