The Weekly Roundup: Getting Fired & Getting Back in the Game

Fired Caucasian businessman carrying personal belongingsChances are you will get fired at some point in your career. Call it laid off, terminated, restructured or downsized. Whatever you want to call it, it means you no longer have a job and must face the painful emotional and financial challenges. The impact can be devastating if you allow it, but there are ways to mitigate the difficulty.

What's most important is how you handle the setback and identify your strategy to get back to work. Action is key to recovery from job loss. The quicker you make a plan and implement it, the sooner you will be back on track. You got knocked down; it's time to get back up again.It's an emotional roller coaster. Yes, many of those unemployed against their will pass through the five Kübler-Ross Stages of Grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Know that it will take time to reach a state of real acceptance. Reach out to friends, colleagues and mentors. Don't keep it bottled up. Some may want to seek professional guidance.

The financial hit can be staggering. If you qualify for unemployment, take advantage of the assistance. Don't fall victim to the false security of your severance payout. It is a finite, non-renewable resource. Look closely at tightening your budget and plan for the long haul. Fingers crossed you are back to work soon, but the big expense you defer today may pay your mortgage tomorrow.

Job search requires a structured plan. Resumes, LinkedIn, networking, cover letters, business cards and more are now all on your to-do list. There's no one right way to do it, but work it like a fulltime job and keep track of your progress. The actions you take every day will build your confidence and get you one step closer to your next opportunity.

I've discussed my own steps when I dealt with job loss and you can read the AOL article by clicking here. Let's also hear what some experts from around the web have to say about dealing with job loss and rejection.

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6 Steps to Managing Your Career and Job Search
You lost your job. You need a new one, but first you need a plan. Career Sherpa has one. Find it here.

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Winners Don't Give Up
Four simple words that spell out one huge lesson. Job search can be a thankless, painful process, but your tenacity and willingness to deal with mistakes will get you through the tough days. Read career coach Terri Lee Ryan's powerful personal story at the Chicago Now Get Employed blog.

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Unemployed? 7 Ways to Improve Your Resume
Time crawls when you're on the hunt for a job. It may feel like the world is getting promoted and gaining experience while you are gathering dust. However, you can take smart, practical steps to stay relevant in the job market. Doostang outlines seven actions that will not only keep you busy, but also give you fresh experience to add to your resume.

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Why Losing Out on the Job Doesn't Make You a Loser–Unless You Let It
You won't get every job you go after, but how you handle the rejection is a big indicator of your character. Learning to bounce back in a positive way can enhance your reputation and set you up for a second shot at a company. Brazen Careerist has all the details if you click here.

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From Despair to Dream Job
Despair is all too common with the job seeker. A positive attitude and a solid strategy can get you through most days, but sometimes the rejections, unanswered emails and loneliness of unemployment can be brutal. Jenny Chisnell has been there and done that. Read about her journey from hopelessness to career fulfillment here at Social-Hire.

How are you tackling the challenges of unemployment? What can you tell us about dealing with the sting of rejection? If you've got tips, please share them in comments. We could all use some smart advice.
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