Admit It, You Sent A Work Email From The Bathroom

Businessman working in the bathroom
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Admit it, you sent a work email from the bathroom this morning.

If you did you, aren't alone. About one in five professionals admit to doing work in the restroom. This newly released "Life at Home" report comes to us by Swedish furniture maker Ikea. The report says that between 16 and 17 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed in New York City admitted to working in the bathroom. Ikea surveyed roughly 8,000 people in eight cities globally on diverse morning habits including getting ready, time spent working, cuddling and reflecting.

The Today Show covered the study and several of the anchors admitted to sending emails from the loo. Natalie Morales and Carson Daly readily admitted to doing work from the toilet, and Matt Lauer confessed to possibly sending an email from the washroom. Daly also filled the audience in on his bathroom conference call tips.

Going to the work bathroom can be challenging enough. The next time you get an email from a client or your boss, you've got to wonder if that was typed out in the bathroom. You might also give people a second glance if they head to the restroom with smartphone in hand.

At least Manhattanites aren't the only professionals bringing their work to the loo. In Stockholm, 17 percent of those surveyed also admitted to working in the bathroom. In London, Moscow, Mumbai, Berlin and Shanghai, 10 percent did.

Ikea's report findings also included:

  • New Yorkers spend 16 minutes per day grooming. That's nearly 2 additional minutes more compared to other cities surveyed. No one said being beautiful was an easy task.
  • About 56 percent of people from NYC do not consider themselves "morning people." This explains the need for the venti-size coffee in the morning.
  • 57 percent of New Yorker's think self-reflection is important. Remember that the next time someone steals your cab or steps on your toe on the subway.

Other interesting gems include the fact that people in the Big Apple tend not to eat breakfast at home, compared to the other cities surveyed. Yet when they do sit down to a meal, they are more likely to use their PDA than any other city (aside from Moscow).

Before you type out your morning agenda from your work stall, make sure to Purell before and after you hit send.

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