Are You Chronically Late? 8 Tips For Showing Up On Time

office interior with running...

Many people have the habit of constantly running late - and they drive themselves, and other people, crazy.

I have the opposite problem - I'm pathologically early, and often arrive places too soon. This is annoying as well, but in a different way. As I write this, I'm realize that I assume that chronic earliness is very rare. But maybe it's not. Are you chronically early?

In any event, more people seem bothered by chronic lateness. Feeling as though you're always running twenty minutes behind schedule is an unhappy feeling. Having to rush, forgetting things in your haste, dealing with annoyed people when you's no fun.

If you find yourself chronically late, what steps can you take to be more prompt? That depends on why you're late. As my Eighth Commandment holds, the first step is to identify the problem – then you can see more easily what you need to change.