Store Manager Fired After Febreze Flipout Goes Viral

A Saginaw, Mich. Family Dollar store manager who violently threatened an alleged shoplifter before spraying her with Febreze has been fired, TMZ reports.

The incident, captured on video last week, finds Gavyn Edlinger calmly confronting the alleged thieves (one of whom is visibly pregnant) before seemingly snapping and launching into a profane screaming fit. Then the Febreze comes out, and all bets are off.

"You maced her!" one woman repeatedly yells, while the other cries that she can't see.

The subjects of Edlinger's tantrum don't seem particularly amused, but Internet viewers most definitely are: the video has received over a million views since it was uploaded May 29. Nevertheless, senior management must not have been a fan of his anti-shoplifting tactics--they fired him six days later.

In a TMZ interview, Edlinger said that Family Dollar's policies require employees to ignore shoplifters. And while he felt the incident was unfortunate, he didn't think his actions were completely out of line.

"I would never want to create harm to anyone," said Edlinger. "But at the end of the day, I'm a hardworking guy. I worked my way up to be a salaried store manager with that company. I don't regret it. Girl, you needed some Febreze!"

Edlinger added that Family Dollar cited no specific reasons for his termination aside from the incident seen in the video. He's currently looking for work.

"I have not had any offers," he told TMZ. "Hopefully Febreze might want to offer me a commercial."

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