Job Descriptions Decoded: Technical Lead - Website Application Development Team

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Are you looking for a job as a website developer? Depending on how much experience you have and what direction you want to take with your career, your ability to code may be just one important skill to market. This job involves supervision and leadership skills you'll want to be able to demonstrate in your application and resume.

Note the term "customer experience" in the description. This will be a key piece of your story: being able to develop engaging online experiences for customers. In theory, all website development is for the customer, but if you have never worked in a retail environment before, you'll want to be sure to use language to indicate you understand your audience and that you know the goal of your work is to enhance the customer experience.

The description makes it clear that the technical coding skills are crucial. The repetition of the desire to find a "leader who likes to code" indicates that you'll want to focus on your strong technical skills in your resume, but feature your leadership skills alongside your practical skills. If you don't have a lot of management or leadership experience, identify times when you took ownership of projects or had an idea you convinced your boss to use and describe the successful result.

This is your invitation to convince the employer that you can get things done. If you simply list your technical abilities, you will not have a chance to interview for this job. Describe a challenging assignment and articulate how you broke it down into actionable steps to get the project done. Describe how you were able to see the big picture and how you exceeded expectations in your results.

As with any technical position, do not assume the employer will know what skills you have or what programs you know how to use. If it appears on the job description, you should mention it on your resume.

Have you been a liaison to various departments or groups? Feature that experience in your resume. "On time and on budget" is a bit of a cliché when it comes to resumes, but since it's listed here, feel free to include his language in your materials as it relates to your experiences.

Most employers seem to prefer employees who can rise to the occasion in a "fast-paced environment." You likely have examples of needing to address problems in a timely way; be sure to demonstrate those successes.

Emphasize your design capabilities and skills in following guidelines to achieve organizational goals. If you have any specifics to support this, it will be useful to incorporate those into your resume.

This section reiterates the type of people you'll work with. Be sure to "name drop" these titles if you have, in fact, collaborated with people in these roles.

This sounds like a clue that you'll need to be flexible with your work hours. If that is fine with you, be sure to emphasize your availability in that regard. You can include this in your description of a current or past job, such as: "Flexibly adjust hours to interact with stakeholders and colleagues around the country." Or, if you've never been called on to work in that environment, you can add it to an "Additional Information" section at the end of your resume: "Available to work flexible hours to communicate with colleagues in various time zones."

What employer doesn't want to hire someone who knows how to report problems effectively? Be sure to include your experience getting in touch with supervisors as necessary, but incorporate a positive result so you don't dwell on the problem: "Quickly identified potential problem with code and immediately reported concerns and suggestions to address issue to supervisor, resulting in keeping project on track."

This section reads like a laundry list of requirements, but be sure you incorporate each specific item in your resume.

Pay close attention to these requirements and incorporate descriptions throughout your resume to indicate you have these qualifications. It's best if you demonstrate your communication skills by communicating well in your application and resume!

It can't hurt to list your interest and availability to travel in your "Additional Information" section of your resume.

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