Game of the Day: Formula Racer

Got a need for speed? Want to burn some rubber? Then you'll love today's Game of the Day: Formula Racer!

Formula Racer is a racing game where you play as the daring driver of snarling, tire-burning Formula One car. You've entered a series of races, and it's up to you and your nerves of steel to take the pole position for yourself! Bob and weave your way past the competition from last to first, the pulse-pounding sound of a high powered engine ringing in your ears!

As you win races, you earn money to upgrade your Formula One car with. Customize your car to your own play-style! Better grip? Better engine? Better boost? It's up to you!

8 tracks and beautiful 3D graphics await you, so put on your racing helmet, strap your seat-belt on, and Play Formula Racer today!

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