's Top 11 Free Online Boredom Busters has free online games that will save you from the clutches of boredom with a variety of entertaining games. Here is a list of the top eleven games that will infuse some fun in your day and will be a handy remedy for any time boredom strikes.
Evil Wizards, trolls, and orcs are attacking the kingdom, what will you do? Kingdom Rush puts you right in the action by deploying troops to stop this evil attack and defend your people from harm. Build towers to defend your kingdom and use gold to improve your defenses. No. 2 - JUST WORDS
Just Words brings back the old "Scrabble" feel with a more modern flair. You can play by yourself, against the computer or an online opponent. Tile placement is just as important as the words you play, remember to look for double and triple letter word tiles. If you're stuck, take advantage of the word list that can help you find a word if you're in a bind.
Texas Hold'em is easily one of the most popular card games worldwide. Now you can get in on the action by honing your skills in this fun and easy to learn browser experience. Play online and unleash your inner poker star as you raise, re-raise and go all in to take your opponent's chips.
Borb Bay needs your help, save the town from destruction by matching three of the same characters together and clear the board. In Bubble Town you can play shots off the wall for more points but be careful, once you cross the danger zone it's game over.
Batten down the hatches, lock the doors, and bust out the fertilizer. In Plants vs. Zombies, your survival depends on your plants as they do their best to defend your home. Be strategic in your defense as certain plants are more valuable than others as you battle the undead in this extremely addictive game.No. 6 - MAHJONGG DIMENSIONS
In this visually pleasing game, the object is to find patterns in the cube. Mahjongg Dimensions provides six playable dimensions all with their own power-ups and bonuses. Test your memory and speed as you are rewarded for fast play as you race the clock. No. 7 - BINGO
Grab your cards and get ready to play a classic, Bingo! You can play one, three, or six cards at once at a normal or fast pace. Decide on whether you feel slow and steady wins the race (one card) or spread out your numbers and play six cards at once! Grandma and grandpa are sure to be impressed as you move your way up the high score charts.No. 8 - FAMILY FEUD
One of the all-time great TV shows, Family Feud is back and better than ever. If you are a fan of the show then you will love this interactive game. The rules are the same, type in answers to questions that were surveyed by 100 people. The only thing this game is missing is an eccentric host giving out hugs and kisses.No. 9 - SIMPLY JIGSAW
In Simply Jigsaw, you have the ability to solve a daily puzzle as well as prior puzzles from earlier in the week. If you're stuck click on the "work on edges" or "work on middle" option to give you a better perspective.No. 10 - SLOT BUSTER
Get ready to rake in the dough in Slot Buster. Keep your mouse ready as you spin and stop your way to thousands of coins. Place bets on various lines and icon pairing to win the most coins possible and unlock new levels each time you play.No. 11 - POOL: LUCKY BREAK 8 BALL
Unleash your inner pool-shark with Lucky Break 8 Ball. Customise the table, English, and the difficulty of your opponent. Invite your friends and play online for free!
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