Game of the Day: Fitz 2

Getting bored of "normal" match-3 games, but still feel the need to swap n' match those colors? Fitz! 2 is the game for you!

Today's Game of the Day is Fitz! 2, a match-3 game that turns the match-3 equation on its head! The twist with Fitz is that you don't play on the standard square board; you play on a huge variety of different shaped boards! Squares, hexagons, donuts...over 50 unique levels await you. Even the pieces are different! Normally in a match-3 game, your pieces can only move in four directions. In Fitz, sometimes you can move them in 3 directions, sometimes 5!

So if you're up for a challenge that puts a twist in the match-3 genre, Play Fitz! 2 today!

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