The 'Strangest' Customer Service Questions May Surprise You

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Q: What's the strangest customer service request you ever got?

A: I'll be honest here – there's never been one "strangest" thing and my "strange" may be quite different from people's ideas of "strange customer service questions."

You might think of customer service horror stories. Those aren't strange..

Unfortunately, events like that are so commonplace they're expected and accepted. I've had my fair share of middle-fingers, berating, and threats. But you have to quickly forget about those and move on. The best customer service representative is one who can easily shake off negativity and move forward with positivity.

The strangest things are those that make you question how humanity has come so far. Or at least explain why it hasn't gone further...

I've spent the last seven years in an entirely web-based industry. The only way to view and access marketing, products, and content is via the web.

Strange includes:
Before my current career, I worked in the live music industry for six years.

Strange includes:
  • Tickets for the concert are $25 but I only have $12. Can this get me in?
  • The show already started [5 minutes ago]. Can I get in for half-price?

The great thing about customer service reps is that they are there to serve you. They enjoy helping, caring, listening, and facilitating a positive experience. Even when confronted by a seemingly common sense question or a violently aggressive threat, they remain calm and collected. Patience, understanding, and reasoning are key.

A great customer service rep will do everything in their power to help you get into that show. And, in the end, you'll do it by happily paying $25.

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