This Week's Greatest Hits (May 27 - May 30)

mans hand pouring pint of beer...

Due to Memorial Day, this past week was slightly shorter than usual. But we still featured plenty of great job and career content, from advice to beer-related job listings to commentary on the scourge of mean girls in the modern workplace. Check out our top stories below, and have a great weekend!

1. The Weekly Roundup: The One-Two Punch On LinkedIn
2. Now Hiring: Beer Jobs
3. What Does An Earned Media Specialist Do?
4. Amazon Subsidiary Zappos Plans Only To Hire 'Insiders'
5. Air Force Vet's Wife Pays Firefighters' $123 Grocery Bill
6. Are Mean Girls Terrorizing Your Office?
7. Ask Jack: Calling In Sick, Nasty Coworkers, And Job Of The Week
8. Job Descriptions Decoded: Senior Administrative Assistant
9. What Every Teen Needs To Know About Getting Paid At Work
10. Half A Million Good Reasons To Go To College
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